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Welcome to the War and Peace Revival

22 to 26 JULY 2015

until the next show

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2014 - The Year of the Great Storm!

Well War and Peace 2014 has come and gone and what a week it was! The weather gods threw everything at us from scorching temperatures, to high winds and a tropical rainstorm. Journalists from Taiwan and Japan likened the storm to the type of rains they experience, not at all what they’d expect here in England! The dramatic cloud that crept up on War and Peace ...on Friday evening was almost as photographed as the military vehicles, the way it rolled over us was like an avalanche and took everyone by surprise as we all looked up and watched it engulf the skies. (photo courtesy of Katie Holmes)

The sunshine was too hot, followed by the welcome rain that swiftly turned unwelcome – just in time for the WW1 centenary we were back experiencing ground conditions compared lightly to the Somme! But, whatever the weather we got through it as only the War and Peace community can and does.
We can’t thank you enough for your patience and also for your kindness to each other. We’ve heard amazing tales of people looking after their neighbours, being supportive and understanding to the marshals (on the whole!) and just generally getting on with it. I’m sure someone will be blaming Rex for the weather, but this is actually one thing that is not his fault!

War and Peace is a family – we all look after each other and pull together and it was very evident over the last few days at just how good it can be when we all do.

We hope you had a fantastic War and Peace, we certainly believed it was better than our first year at the new venue and that 2015 will be better again. We’re learning our site and were certainly tested this week, but each time we learn more for the future.

Finally, contrary to the rumours, we’re not returning to the Hop Farm next year – so we’ll see you back here at Folkestone Racecourse in 2015!

Have a very safe journey home and we’re really looking forward to seeing your photos.

With thanks, love and best wishes
Rex, Barbara, Georgie, Andrea, Paul, Pauline and everyone here at The War and Peace Revival Team
Posted 23/7/14

Future Show Dates

22 to 26 July 2015

20 to 24 July 2016

19 to 23 July 2017

18 to 22 July 2018

17 to 21 July 2019

22 to 26 July 2020


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