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Welcome to the War and Peace Revival

19 to 23 July 2016

until the next show


We are currently in the process of updating the website and this will be finished shortly.  All booking forms for 2016's show will be available when the new site goes live.

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Just to clarify the dates for next year, the show in 2016 will be Tuesday 19th July to Saturday 23rd. The saturday night will see a spectacular finale to the show that will bring the show to a close, leaving sunday for a pack down day.


Following the end of the 2015 War and Peace Revival, Rex Cadman, Barbara Shea and the old War and Peace Revival team will be handing over to John Allison, Annie Bertrand, Jamie Wells and their team on 1 August 2015, ending a 27 year involvement on 31 July.

Enquiries about The War and Peace Revival 2016 can be addressed to: bookings@warandpeacerevival.com. Queries relating to the 2015 War and Peace can be addressed to rex@warandpeace.uk.com  

Best wishes for a fantastic summer and good luck to John, Annie, Jamie and team moving forwards into 2016!


The War and Peace Revival will continue under new Organiser, John Allison and his team!

If you saw our announcement on 23 June that Rex Cadman and Barbara Shea were intending to retire after this year’s show, like many people you may have wondered what the future would hold for War and Peace. As Rex said: “we never even thought about selling it on; we simply announced our retirement and thought that would be the end of War and Peace”. And no, it wasn’t a “cynical marketing ploy” as some suggested on Facebook(!), but simply a pair who had worked tirelessly for 27-years organising a show that went from the small IMPS club show of 100 vehicles, to the world’s biggest military vehicle spectacular! However Rex was inundated with questions and offers from people wanting to discuss War and Peace. The offers were everything from just organising it for him—right up to buying the show lock, stock and barrel!

John Allison was the first person to contact Rex—immediately following the announcement. He came down for a meeting with his partner, Annie Bertrand and their colleague Jamie Wells and what followed was a very friendly meeting to tentatively explore taking the show on. Rex had met with several interested parties before meeting John, but when the War and Peace team met John there was an instant connection. “After John, Annie and Jamie left”, explains Rex, “we were left with a really positive feeling that if anyone was going to take over organising War and Peace, then these were the people to do it. We hoped they would take it further, so are delighted that they did!”

While John and his team will be taking over the organising, Rex, Barbara and the rest of the War and Peace team will be firmly behind them—lending advice and guidance as the new team needs. John is very keen that the show doesn’t change too much!

So where is The War and Peace Revival going to be held next year?!

This is the next question … we fully anticipate that next year’s show will once again be right here at Folkestone Racecourse from 20-24 July - so if you’ve enjoyed your visit—book your leave as soon as you can!

In the meantime, enjoy this year’s show!


The War is Over! Peace in our Time! (posted 23 June 2015)

Yes it’s true – after 33 years, this year’s War and Peace at Folkestone Racecourse will be the last one ever!

Having organised War and Peace for 27 of its 33 years with the help of Barbara Shea, Rex Cadman has decided it’s time to call it a day.  “Barbara and I have organised War and Peace for 27-years this year and she is ready to retire, so we decided that as we started this journey together, after much thought we would end it together.

“We’re very proud to have grown the show from a small club event with about 100 vehicles, to the world’s largest military show, seeing over 4,000 vehicles and 100,000 people.  A great many other military vehicle shows have War and Peace as their parentage, having grown out of our event.”

But War and Peace isn’t just about military vehicles; in 2009 it introduced the annual Schools’ Day – a free event for Kent and Medway school children that grew considerably each year.  Last year 2,500 school children had a taste of wartime Britain – a true testament to the educational value the county places on the War and Peace Schools’ Day. 

The recognition of veterans is another aspect of which the War and Peace team is quietly proud. “We were the first show to invite WW2 veterans for free nearly 20-years ago, and have had the privilege of meeting true heroes, no matter what they achieved” said Rex. “Sadly their numbers are dwindling quite considerably and we’re losing an incredible generation.”  Each year War and Peace has extended the complimentary invitation to veterans of other significant conflicts that it is marking for that year – including the Falklands, National Service – and this year the Gurkhas in honour of their 200th anniversary of service to the British crown.

“We’ve had an amazing time, but sadly all good things must come to an end. The 2015 War and Peace Revival will be our last show – it may also be the last War and Peace ever unless someone or a group comes forward to take it on!” 

War and Peace evolved from the annual Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society club event back in 1982 at Tenterden train station, which moved to the former Whitbread Hop Farm at Paddock Wood in 1987.  The War and Peace Show was then based at the Hop Farm for 25 years, before relaunching as The War and Peace Revival at Folkestone Racecourse in 2013.

So if you’ve always thought of coming to War and Peace and not got round to it - don’t miss out on being part of the final show!

Welcome to the War and Peace Revival website.  With so much information on here for you to view we have made things easier to find with the buttons on the left. 

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19 to 23 July 2016

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